Pedigree females and Males are always on offer here with selling the best being our priourity we only sell stock we would want to breed with making us the ideal seller for the pedigree buyer. 

Horned and non horned cattle available in both males and females

We are always keeping an eye out for heifers and bullocks that we can finish here on the farm for our quality beef enterprise. Please contact us if you are looking for a buyer for your cattle. Any ages considered.

2020 will see the start of our embryo work flushing some of our very best female lines with the intention of helping other breeders across the world to breed the quality animals we are producing here at Sutton Beau, these will be available to export. 

Early 2021 we plan to take semen off farm from our stock bulls and sell to UK clients only.

We at Sutton Beau believe in producing the finest grass fed longhorn beef from our Derbyshire farm. We supply top end restaurants, farm shops and now do beef boxes for our customers. We believe in quality and work hard to put the very best beef on your table. Please call Micheal for all beef enquires.